Acrylic Lens Clip-On Sunglasses

We do have clip-ons; they may be ordered through the office.  They are all acrylic lenses, except for one size of our square flip-ups that has a polycarbonate lens. They are all 100% UVA and UVB rated, and have the HAZEBUSTER high-def brown non-polarized lenses.

If you are replacing a clip-on you purchased through the office, we should have the shape and size in our records.  If you have bought from us at a show, the shape and size would be recorded on the back of the business card you were given at that time.  Otherwise, you need to determine a shape/size, and here's what we need from you:

    1) a picture of your glasses OR a picture or scan of a tracing of your glasses, so we can see the shape and general proportion. 

    2) measurements taken at the middle of ONE Lens of your glasses.  “Eyeball” one lens and determine the midpoint of the lens.  Measure there—

       millimeters, if possible

               ....horizontally and vertically, all the way across the lens,

                      INCLUDING the frame on both sides

We will take this info and make an “educated guess.”   We have been doing this for many years, and we promise not to send out something unless we think it has good chance of fitting well. 

Pleeeeeease, DO NOT send a picture of your glasses next to/on top of a ruler, as even slight perspective differences when taking the picture make it almost always impossible to get an accurate reading.         

About the way we measure—

Typically, eyeglass vendors/frame manufacturers note the lens measurements when describing their products.  The frame is not included in these measurements.

We ask you to include the frame—we want the measurements from the outside edge of the frame surrounding the lens to the other outside edge of the frame surrounding the lens.  Why?  …for a proper fit, we want the clip-ons to fit completely around the lens AND the frame. Generally, plastic frames are thicker than metal frames, and, sometimes, the fashion metal frames can be thicker than typical, as well.  We ask for you to “guess” where the middle of one lens is and to measure there, because we consider it  an easy-to-determine value, and that improves the chances that we (you and HZB staff) are measuring in the same way.

We need the picture of your glasses in order to pick up more general info, like the shape, e.g., you say oval, I think it’s more rect (toMAYto toMAHto)….is it symmetrical?  does it taper at one end? etc., and also to get a look at the temple area---on rare occasions, an unusual frame may require a re-think on our part.