2514 - Shield

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Model '2514' -- 138mm x 47mm

Non-polarized lenses.  Brown tint enhances color and clarity.

Comes in a soft pouch, along with a microfiber cleaning cloth and a neck cord. We recommend rinsing the lenses with an eyeglass cleaning solution before wiping them with the cleaning cloth.

Domestic USPS fees: Priority Mail $11.50 per box, 1st Class is Free

 The 'Shields' by HAZEBUSTER® are a great solution for the pilot who uses prescription frames. They provide all the benefits of our Hazebuster lens in a frame engineered with contemporary styling, eye protection, and comfort in mind.

The design incorporates side lenses and a contoured frame top and bottom, to provide total protection from every angle. The lenses and frame are both polycarbonate and meet A.N.S.I. standards for polycarbonate non-prescription sunglasses.  Four of our shield models are certified safety lenses and meet current A.N.S.I. standards for high impact safety wear--namely +Z87.1 polycarbonate.  The safey standard designates that lenses will be divided into two protection levels. 'Basic Impact' and 'High Impact' as dictated by test criteria. Basic Impact lenses must pass the "drop ball" test, where a 1" diameter steel ball is dropped on the lens from 50 inches. High Impact lenses must pass "high velocity" testing where 1/4" steel balls are "shot" at different velocities.  Our models 2513, 2514, 2516, and 2545 have a "+" sign is front of the Z87 designation, indicating they are "high impact." Our 2512 model has basic impact quality.

The lenses have a hard-coat finish on the front to help protect the surface from scratches, and an anti-reflective coating on the back of the lenses to eliminate any back glare from the prescription lens.