At Airventure this year I somehow misplaced my favorite Serengeti glasses. I searched around looking for a dealer selling sunglasses, and wound up buying a pair of Hazebuster bifocal sunglasses from a vendor in one of the exhibit halls. I quickly found that I had stumbled upon my new favorite pair of glasses.

The Hazebusters have a very similar tint to the Serengeti glasses I am used to. I found that I could not detect any difference in my ability to read fine cloud details with either glasses. The Hazebusters, however, have the added advantage of molded-in reading lenses. While I like the convenience of the Oprix stick-on reading lenses, I found that the built-in reading lenses of the Hazebuster glasses provided a much smoother transition from long to close distance viewing.

Hazebuster claims that their lenses block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. The lenses are not polarized, meaning that there is no interference with in-cockpit displays. The Hazebuster's acrylic lenses offer good impact and scratch resistance. Available in a number of styles and magnifications, Hazebusters are available for between $55 and $65 directly from the manufacturer's web site.

See you on the porch, Bill. 

Technical Editor, Soaring Magazine. 

I purchased a pair of model 3700s at the HAI (Helicopter Association International) expo 2013. They perform in all types of weather, snow, rain, fog and good old sunshine. Very nice people to deal with and they stand behind their product, rare these days. Extremely pleased.


Just try today my new classic hazebuster. Oustanding ! I had many Ray or Ser over the years, but now, at 56 and eyesight at close quarters getting blurr, these glasses not only help me see clearly my instruments, but allow me to get a clear view of cockpit contrast sight. I love them !

Marc-Andre Theoret

I liked these so much I purchased another pair to keep in my truck.

Mark Seery